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Extreme Science


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Click here for slime!

Extreme Science is exactly what the title implies: Extreme! In this highly acclaimed show, Hagerman leads your students on a wild journey through different fields of science. This show will tickle your funny bone and educate at the same time.

Hagerman’s Moreland Hills School performance review!

I can honestly say that I have never thought a show was so great that I would invite them back for 2 years in a row. – Cynthia Bice, Harry S. Truman Elementary, Rolla, MO

  • Tesla coilDemonstrating various instruments of fun, Hagerman investigates the science behind many things we take for granted in our everyday lives.
  • Using in-line skates, Hagerman learns the laws of motion
  • Armed with a giant bungee cord slingshot, the audience witnesses potential and kinetic energyPotential Energy demonstration in school science assembly
  • Gyroscopes explain a curious balancing act
  • Slime oozes from polymers
  • Crystals cause water to “vanish”
  • See the worlds largest ball made of recycled Styrofoam cups
  • Electricity is utilized for a shocking experience

The shows were a ton of fun – and weeks later my two children are still talking about the disappearing cup and the BOOM of Bobby!- Anne Flamm, Boulevard Elementary, Shaker Heights, OH

Extreme Science School Assembly Educates and Entertains

Chemistry is not just test tubes and beakers!!! In the world around us, chemistry plays a large role in how we live our lives.
This program helps students to understand how everyday living and chemistry intertwine .

This show is pact full of information presented with a strong backbone of comedy. Students can also expect to see: reactions that create different gases, the recycling of Styrofoam, the production of water, and much more. This show literally ends with a BANG!!!!!



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Extreme Science is guaranteed to be one of the best science shows you will ever see.
(Hagerman stakes his reputation on it!)


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29 thoughts on “Extreme Science School Assembly

  1. Thank you for such an engaging science program which got our students so enthusiastic about science! What a great way to kick off preparation for our science fair!! Not only did our students LOVE the performance . . . the teachers did too!!

  2. HEY!!! I am from Okoboji, and I was wondering why didn’t Bobby wears pants!!! Also, I was wondering how you wouldn’t get shocked when you had Will hold the bulb and put that 100 vtz thingy? THATS SOOOO CRAZY!!

    Please don’t forget us at Okoboji!!

    • I guess balloons really don’t need to wear pants. Good question on the electricity. Electricity is measured in both voltage and amperage. Amperage is the current of the eletricity, much like a river has current. Like a river, electricity that has high current (amperage) it is very dangerous. My tesla coil produces electricity that has a very low current and this is why I did not get hurt when it passed through my body. I did get shocked but it was like the zap you would get from static electricity which also has low amperage. The electricity in your home has VERY high amperage. So high, its deadly!

  3. Hey!:) I loved your performance! I hope you always remember us at River Valley! My fav thing you did was when you had zane hold the light thingy and then you put the electricity thingy on it and made the light shine! (Not very bright though)

  4. OMG!!!!!! Today you went to elder grove school and I was the one who said you were amazing and you wanted it on video!!!! YOU WERE AWESOME!!! I got home and told my parents all about it!!!(especially bobby the balloon)!!!!!!!! THANKS SOOO MUCH!!! You are the best and you put science at a new level!!!!!!!

  5. I loved your act at tipps elementary when you pernounced me and nataly husband and wife and also when you went over cream.
    thank you very much
    it was halarios
    and I still have the sicker from today
    thank you Thuan, P.S. the T.h. in thuan is pernounced Twuan

  6. i hope you will come again next year because you where the best
    person to learn from and i have took your advice and didn’t try any
    of that at home and i wore goggles when i did the gooey stuff like
    like u told us to.

    PS. you are a very nice guy

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