How to Make Slime!!!

Hey guys!  Hagerman here!  This is the not-so-top-secret recipe to making slime.  Before you begin, you must have your parents permission to try this.  Have them check this page out and maybe they can help you.  Wouldn’t be it be nice to have someone help you clean up the mess?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone help you prevent the mess?


  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup of Elmer’s Glue (Washable school glue works but not as good.)
  • 1 tablespoon of wet borax.  (Take 1 tsp of borax and add just enough water so it is a little runny.)
  • (OPTIONAL) Food Coloring or washable coloring.   (Food coloring makes bad stains on carpet and if you ever want the chance to get permission to make this again, I suggest you DO NOT use food coloring.   If you insist on adding color, do some research and maybe you can find a coloring that washes away easily.)


  • Mix the water and Elmer’s Glue, (and OPTIONALLY the coloring), in a container you can seal tightly later: a jar with a lid or a ziplock bag works good.  Mix until well blended.
  • Add the borax, seal the container and shake for about about 30 seconds.
  • The freshly made slime may be wet and/or sticky.  If so, set the container aside for about 20-30 minutes and when you return your slime will ooze nicely!

That’s it! It’s pretty easy.  If you have any questions, comment away!

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42 thoughts on “How to Make Slime!!!

    • Most department stores and grocery stores have borax. It’s in the laudry detergent isle. The name brand is Mule Team 20.

  1. oh my going to try the slime my Aunt was so nice to ship the borax to me so i could do it thanks Linda . Thanks for coming to OKOBOJI ELamentry SCHOOL it was fun and funny thanks very much sincerly

  2. hey Hagerman its the girl from central and i was the one you couldent scare but then the bike wheel scared me i loved your show thanks

  3. heyy hagerman u were the best science program ever thank u for coming to Woodridge elementary school cranston rhode island ur the best

  4. Hello! You came to Burnette and I had so much fun…the only part I didn’t like is when you burned up Bob the balloon, but your performance made up for that. I’m from Burnette and thank you for freaking out my friend with the burning towel trick.

  5. Thanks for coming to oil hill elementary I thought it was a lot fun! It was really cool when the end part bobby (the balloon) exploded and I felt the heat 😀

  6. Hagerman thanks for coming to my school today (Abbotsford School), I liked it best when you blew up Bobby. All my friends LOVED it.

  7. I’m from Abbotsford WI. I loved your show and I also made your slime. My slime didn’t work to good. It stayed watery so I think I did something wrong. PLEASE TRY AND HELP ME WITH WHAT I DID WRONG!

    • For the slime I made in the show you’ll need borax. It called Mule Team 20 Borax found in department stores in the laundry detergent isle. Corn starch and water makes a different type of slime but it’s fun too.

  8. Thanks for visiting Eden Hall upper elementary but when I tried to make the slime it came out sticky. Is it supposed to?

    • A lot of the times it comes out that way. Usually if you let it sit for an hour, the stickiness goes away.

  9. Hagerman came to Dixon Mo Elementary today it was funny when he had Billy the Balloon. Billy had hydrogen in him so when Hagerman held him over fire Billy went boom

    • I know what i said had nothing to do with slime but now here’s the part about slime: When Hagerman had the slime before he said it was slime i thought it was white diarrhea!

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