Hagerman the Magician – Born, Raised and Based in Missouri

Hagerman the magician is based in SW Missouri.  From his little hometown, deep in the Ozark Mountains, Hagerman creates his comedy magic and travels to all places close and far.

For Missouri bookings, please contact us for special rates only available to those who are also based in Missouri.

Amazing Comedy Magician for Missouri Special Events

Hagerman the Magician has even better deals are available to those in Rolla MO, Springfield MO, Joplin MO, Lebanon MO), and the surrounding areas.
See why Hagerman is considered the funniest magician in the Midwest.

Missouri: Your Federal Flood Relief Tax Dollars At Work

Strange Missouri Laws:
# A man must have a permit to shave.
# In Excelsior Springs it’s illegal to make a squirrel worry.
# In Kansas City, installation of a four legged bathtub with toes that resemble those of an animal is prohibited.
# In Marquette it’s illegal for more than 4 unrelated persons to occupy the same living space.
# In University City it’s illegal for a person to have a yard sale in your “front yard”. It’s also Illegal to have more than 2 yardsales a year.