Sound of Science

Sound of Science

Hagerman’s first contribution to the school industry is “The Sound of Science.” In this high energy show, students gain an appreciation of something they take for granted every day: sound. Sound is not only used for entertainment and communication, but it is used in a variety of different ways. From the basics to the advanced, Hagerman teaches these concepts in a very funny fashion that will leave the students and teachers wanting more!

Using gadgets such as an electronic keyboard, an oscilloscope, a mega phone, tuning forks and such, Hagerman teaches about the amplitude, frequency and tone quality of sound. Breaking the sound barrier is easy with a bull whip and a brave volunteer. Beating to the beat of a crazy drummer, Hagerman easily blows out a candle some distance away with a bass drum. Other many exciting demonstrations cover how sound is made, changed, manipulated and measured.

The moment the first students walk into the room, Hagerman has their attention. Playing entertaining music on the keyboard that the students all know and love, he keeps the students focused before the show starts. This program has received great reviews all over the country!!

Caution: If you suffer intense abdominal pain from extreme laughing, book someone else.

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