Hagerman the Magician

Hagerman was born and raised in Missouri.  His interest in magic was sparked when his father went to a library, to learn magic to perform at one of his birthday parties.  Then one day Hagerman saw an episode of the Brady Bunch where Peter went to a magic shop and became a magician.  He was inspired; so he asked his mother to take him to a magic shop for his ninth birthday.  The rest is history.

Learning magic helped young Hagerman to shine in his studies.  He not only wanted to know how a trick worked but, more importantly, why it worked.  His research uncovered the real secrets of magic: science.  He taught himself basic scientific principles through the magical art.  As a result, he excelled in his scientific studies.  It almost came naturally to him as reflected by the many academic competitions he won during his scholastic career.  He had dreams of becoming a chemist or a mathematician: the magician was always just a fantasy.

Hagerman the MagicianAfter a little college, he took some time off.  For the first time, he really needed a job; so he started performing for money.  He loved it so much he had a crazy idea! Why not become a real magician?  And he did.  When he was 22, Dynamic School Assemblies, an agency out of Detroit, contracted Hagerman’s services for nine months and sent him to California.  This would be his first regular engagement.  Now there was a catch, he wouldn’t be performing magic; he would be performing science shows!  This fit Hagerman like a glove.  He and his dog, Sylvie, traveled the western coast performing DSA’s “Fun With Energy”.  The agents couldn’t believe the reports they received on his performances.  Everyone seemed to love him.  He was very knowledgeable and surprisingly funny.  The very next year, DSA asked Hagerman to take the number one performing position in the company, the Mid-West tour.  Hagerman averaged four shows a day, five days a week for years.  During that time, he honed his comedic timing and worked on creating a truly original magic show.  To say the least, ten years later, Hagerman, and his dog, are still at it.  You won’t believe what a decade of experience has accomplished!

Hagerman the MagicianHagerman has currently entertained over one million people performing his unique vaudeville style at fairs, theme parks and schools all over the country.  As a scholar of comedy, Hagerman puts many great belly laughs into each of his shows. As an inventor of magic, his routines are often sought after by other magicians.  Because of this, he is very secretive and will not perform his routines for television audiences.  Likewise, his magic needs be experienced like it should be: live!  He performs stand-up quality comedy and original stage magic suited for the entire family.


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